How to Become a Mobile Application Developer

Today, mobile devices have become an important part of our life. The latest mobile devices are changing the way people communicate, do business and access other entertainment and news. They are a great source of entertainment, apart from communication.

To meet the needs of the mobile users, many new and innovative applications are being developed. Nowadays, mobile application developers are highly in demand. The industry is lacking skilled and talented developers. One can become a professional mobile application developer to experience a winning career. To become a mobile application developer one must have a creative mind and necessary technical skills.

• There are a number of mobile application training programs and degrees that features the work in mobile software programming, designing, application development and other domains. One can search online for best online and offline courses available and choose the suitable one.

• One must learn everything about mobile application development by reading books, blogs, and articles. One can even go through the books and blogs written by experienced developers regularly to keep them well-informed and updated. If possible, one can attend a formal or informal training session on mobile application development. One can search on the internet to find about the training programs held in their city.

• Attend conferences and seminars which are dedicated to the upcoming developers. There are some programs where developers can interact with experienced and dedicated developers and learn about cutting-edge technologies.

• The next thing is choosing the right operating system. For example – Google’s Android or Apple’s OS. After choosing the right platform (operating system), learn the programming language and development environment for that operating system.

• Mobile application developers write programs using C, C++, Java, Flash, CSS etc. One can choose from any one of the platforms to work on it.

• There are 5 major mobile platforms like – Android, Apple OS, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Blackberry. Each of the platforms has its own programming language and development environment.

Here are the prerequisites of these leading mobile platforms:

1. Android: The environment is Eclipse and the programming language is Java and Object Oriented concepts.

2. Apple OS: The environment is X-code and the programming language is Objective-C.

3. Symbian: The environment is based on different preferences and the programming language is C++.

4. Blackberry: The environment is Eclipse and the programming language is Java.

• After choosing the suitable operating system, programming language and environment, start building a small application of your own. Don’t focus on building a big application. Try to develop a small, simple and user-friendly application, using your technical skills and creativity.

• Stay in touch with other developers by becoming a member of forum sites. One can discuss with other developers about the latest programming languages and operating systems.

• There are thousands of mobile applications in the App store. To develop a successful application, think of some smart ideas and concentrate on something that is unique and innovative.

• Even if you fail at the first attempt, don’t lose your heart. Keep trying and develop something that is user-friendly and unique.

• Don’t forget to go for testing tools. The developed applications should work on mobile phones, PDAs, and other compatible devices.

Everything You Need to Know About Your ADSL2+ Service Provider

Broadband is delivered in a variety of ways to customers around the world. Everything from satellite, to wireless, dial-up still exists in some parts of the world. With the proliferation of fiber optic cable, internet speeds have increased dramatically.

The major phone companies are the primary purveyors of internet access to homes and small business. They utilize fiber optic cable as part of their internet delivery networks, but it is usually the parts that come from other countries. Within a country, the phones companies will typically still utilize copper lines to deliver the internet to homes and businesses (although fiber is being utilized more and more in developed countries today). The most popular and basic type of internet delivery within a country when it is a land based line is called Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line or ADSL2+ because it is the second and improved version of ADSL. Business can also order business ADSL2+ internet which can provide a stable internet service for a company.

How Does ADSL Work

ADSL is delivered over the same phone lines that provide phones service to your home. These copper wires have excess capacity which the ADSL uses to bring you internet services. When you order service you will be provided with a modem that connects to your phone line and is powered by electricity. This modem can provide all types of internet services including a cloud phone system, and Internet Protocol television or IPTV.

You will be charged a monthly fee on a contract and the cost of the modem will typically be included in the monthly fee.

Set-up and use of the system is fairly simple once a technician comes to your home or office to set it up and it will generally run smoothly with little problems once it is activated. There will need to be periodic updates of the modem router as new equipment specs come on line.

ADSL Speeds

The speed of your ADSL will be determined by several key factors. Theoretically, download speeds can reach 24Mbps and upload can reach 1Mbps. However actual speeds will vary depending on your distance from the internet exchange hub that services your neighborhood. Since signals over copper diminishes quickly over distances of more than 1km, your actual internet speeds might be substantially less than claimed if you live more than 1km from the hub. The quality of the copper wire servicing you will also determine in part the speed of your internet service. Sometimes phone company copper is in poor quality which will slow down your intent speeds.

ADSL in Australia

Australia is a primary market for ADSL2+. It is currently available in every major city in the country. However, as Internet speed requirements increase ADSL2+ cannot meet the needs of many customers. Currently the country has developed a new network called the National Broadcast Network (NBN) that will utilize fiber and in some cases replace copper entirely. The result is a network that currently offers internet speeds of up to 100Mbp and an ability to go even faster.  

ADSL2+ is a primary phone company service that brings internet services to many millions of people in Australia and other countries around the world.

Give Wings to Your Mobile Application Development Business

A report which was published by International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in 2008 stated that there are more than 5 billion mobile phone users.It also stated that 1.9 billion people are using mobile internet. Recent statistics state that Apple has sold out more than one billion applications from their iTunes store. When compared to mobile applications, traditional web applications and enterprise software solutions consume very high bandwidths. In order to save on bandwidth and also to function effectively, mobile solutions are being more accepted in recent times. This is the driving force for all software companies to come up with better mobile applications.

Mobile applications can be built for different business verticals like healthcare, banking, insurance and many others. These applications can be built on different mobile platforms like iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and BREW. These applications can be stored at their respective mobile app store. As a matter of fact the revenue of an individual or company increases by downloading the application which is in the app store by the users.

In today’s scenario the common applications from where the revenue flow is high are Games, geo-tagging, music applications, currency converters, online libraries and offers in popular showrooms.

Games Applications: Mobile gaming is an addiction in the recent times irrespective of age or status of the mobile users. The majority of downloads taking place for mobile game applications is not only by the kids or teenagers but also the adults. The secret of generating a buzz in the app market is to build an application that is compatible with major mobile platforms like iPhone and Android. As these two mobile platforms are reigning in the mobile space, it is important that any application developed should work successfully on these platforms.

Geo-tagging Applications: These applications are used by people as they travel to reach their destinations with a proper direction guide. These applications are also used as navigation system for vehicles.

Music Applications: This is one the major domains where major interest is shown. The success rate is very high for these applications. Downloading free music applications that allow not only streaming but also online storage of songs are very popular applications.

Currency Converters: These applications are mainly used for stocks, Forex and by international travelers.

To achieve high standard mobile applications for your business requirements make sure that the applications are developed by an expert developer or an organization that concentrates and possess skilled mobile computing resources.

Mobile Developers, Mobile Platforms And Mobility!

Mobile users have always demanded a better look and feel along with innovative features to be docked in a familiar interface. Mobile developers have roped in features for supporting email, social networking, etc and some general and native apps.

Nowadays with the changes introduced in the mobile platforms, it has become necessary for competing companies to keep track and implement similar solutions to their offerings. The delivery process is affected with the changes made. In recent years, mobile applications have witnessed a drastic change transitioning from “connected” applications to “converged” ones especially with the advent of data services and voice technology.

There are a plethora of applications that reveal the graph of learning within mobile developers and the changes in technologies being offered. There are more than hundreds of apps in all mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile. Most mobile app developers are faced with problems related to site development which is compatible with your mobile and lighter in size.

Mobile games are also in demand and developers have been thinking of new concepts for churning out new games compatible to different platforms. iPhone is easily the best platform for gaming as of now, with Android coming a close second. The gaming world has witnessed drastic changes in the last decade with the earliest game “Snake” to the “Angry Birds” series. The average phone now houses better features than the costliest phone found in late 1990s. The quality of apps are getting better and better as mobile app developers are striving hard to create apps which are compatible with the new hardware and mobile platforms.

Many apps can be found on various sites with Android App store catching up quickly behind Apple’s iOS store and its latest versions. iPads and other tablets have managed to expand the mobile world. One can easily choose from the trendiest music apps, lifestyle apps, utilities, etc. as one might need it.

While creating mobile apps, mobile developers have time and again managed to leverage the features for meeting functionality requirements. The user interface needs to be scalable with the changing times even though it may require extra work on the part of the technologists. One needs to be choosy about the mobile platform before venturing for application development so that one does not get lost in the maze of a particular technology. Moreover, a mobile developer also needs to be updated with the latest versions too.

What to Look for in Good Beat Maker Software?

Music is basically the soul of life. It not only refreshes a person but also rejuvenates a person and fills one with life. It is said to be a cure for many ailments and is enjoyed by people of all age groups. There are many people who are interested in other aspects of music apart from just listening to it. A lot of people learn music as a discipline so that they can create music on their own as professionals. Many people are interested in the beats that go with the lyrics of the song and are interested in mastering as a beat maker.

For those of you who are interested in pursuing a career as a beat maker, there are many ways using which you can make your own beats. You can make use of the software which is available for this purpose. Beat maker software is available for creating beats of you own. One can use this software without much hassle since it is easy to install, use and manage.

There are several qualities that must be present in the music creation software that one wants to make use of. These are:

• The software for beat making must be easy to use and one must feel comfortable using it. There is no sense of using software which does not allow one to do easy operations.

• The software which is being used must have all the standard features that are common across the different software available in the market. Some of these features include the availability of sample songs, major drum beats, variety of instruments and also grouped tracks.

• It is essential that the software being used is compatible with the system. Any beat making software must make optimal use of the system resources.

• Good software must allow one to create different types of beats including instrumental beats.

• A beat making software must also have a rich set of library features so that one can create original beats.

One can also make use of online beat maker software which is available on the internet these days. There are many websites that feature beat making software so that one can make music online. While most of the features listed above are present in the online software as well, there are a few that may not be available. For instance, one may not be able to plug in extra instruments for creating music online.

Most of the websites with online beat maker software allow music lovers to access this software for free and download it as well. However, there are many websites which do not allow the downloading of the software and even charge a nominal fee for using the software online.

Communication In The Mobile World: How Is Your Website Showing Up On Mobile Phones?

So you paid to poss an exceptional website fashioned with Adobe flash clips and also all things wonderful. Then while waiting at the cash counter, you brought out your newly bought iPhone 4S and decide to look up your own personal website

Lo and behold, you find maybe one half the display after several minutes of loading and buffering.

Websites Are Usually Not Mobile Friendly.

This is definitely not unusual. Websites are not shipped to appear on cellular devices in optimum time.This is why it will get costly to browse websites on mobile devices. And your flash videos are not likely to play on iOS simply put iPhones and iPads will be unable to see those video content.What exactly do you do?

You want a mobile site, not a smaller version of a website but a site intended for mobile users, with their interests in mind. More people expect that you have mobile web page for quick navigation as well as user-friendly and clear display.

Mobile phone sites are not static catalogue or brochure web pages but a site where you can connect with and build relationships with your prospective buyers plus customers.

The mobile site will need a complete new re-design and often look different to your website because it has the mobile users experience in mind. A mobile site is often thumb friendly, simple to navigate and very intuitive to use.

It loads quickly and has everything required at one glance.

Obviously, you can make it look fanciful and colorful using logos as well as graphics will slow down loading speed and will eat into band width for those on data plans.

I prefer to keep it simple because having illustrations or photos may not always bring in too much additional value – remember that people are on the go and do no have time to wait for images to buffer and load.

However, you certainly might have logos and pictures to boost visual appearance and aesthetic. You just need to bear in mind that you do not have too many large images and they don’t fill up the entire screen nor take too long to load.

So is your website site mobile friendly?

Will the millions of people using mobile phones to surf will find you on their mobile devices? Will they wait for your site to load? Or will they go elsewhere and visit other mobile friendly sites?

The question to ask is: are you reaching out to increasing mobile users or are you being left behind?

It is no longer a luxury to have your mobile site.

Mobile sites have been shown to increase page view, conversion rate and for that reason sales. Even if your company does not have a website, you will benefit from setting up a mobile website, because by the year 2014, smart phone users surfing the internet will over grow PC users and they will not be able to find your online presence on their mobile devices.

6 Essential Mobile Banking Features for Community Banks

Financial institutions have many choices when implementing a mobile banking solution. The majority of community banks do not have the resources to develop a mobile application in-house so they will most likely implement a mobile platform from a software vendor.

Community banks must offer robust and intuitive mobile banking apps to compete against large national banks and attract new customers, especially tech. savvy Gen Y consumers. Banks also benefit with the ability to sell more services to existing customers, retain current customers and reduce operational costs. In order for a bank to reap these benefits their mobile app must include many key features.

The number 1 feature that all mobile apps must have is security and fraud controls. Mobile payments in North America alone are estimated to reach $288.4 billion by 2014, a fact that has the attention of hackers and enterprising criminals. Banks should choose a mobile platform that ensures all standard Internet banking security features are applied at login including multifactor authentication and 128 bit SSL encryption while the app is in use. The banking session should also automatically end when the app is closed. It is interesting to note that Javelin Strategy & Research estimates 30 million people in the United States engage in mobile banking, and half of those customers do not think mobile banking is secure. Clearly the benefits of mobile banking outweigh the possible risks in the minds of consumers.

Graphical User Interface
Consumers have become accustomed to interacting with many types of mobile applications ranging from games to online newspapers. When choosing a mobile banking application it is important for financial institutions to choose a platform that is intuitive for consumers and it easy to navigate. Large buttons and full screen menus with limited scrolling requirements are good features to have in a graphical user interface (GUI). Apps that rely solely on SMS text messaging commands should be avoided. Consumers are used to interacting with full service applications at the touch of a button not texting specific commands such as BAL CHK1 to check a specific account balance. People enjoy texting their friends, not their bank.

Bill Pay
Bill payment along with balance inquires are simple features that all mobile banking applications should have and are important to customers. The ability to check account balances and pay bills on the go is the main reason why many customers use mobile banking apps. The software should provide real time account balances and integrate smoothing with a FI’s Internet banking system. Apps that do not routinely sync with Internet banking platforms are frustrating for customers to use and may increase calls into customer support.

Fund Transfer
Fund transfers are another basic feature that consumers expect when using a mobile banking app. The ability to transfer money between accounts quickly and securely is a trait that community banks should be sure to offer their customers. Many community bank customers do not utilize a community bank as their primary financial institution and will find the ability to transfer funds to accounts at other institutions attractive. Community banks can strive to win over these customers and eventually become their primary financial institution (PFI).

Mobile Deposit
Mobile deposit allows customers to deposit checks with a smart phone by taking a photo of the check and submitting it to the bank for processing via the application. Mobile deposit is a popular feature because it is convenient and saves customers a lot of time. Mobile deposit also increases cash flow and allows customers quicker access to their money. If a bank chooses to offer mobile deposit it is important to ensure that the software vendor includes tools to assist in risk management such as duplication detection and fraud monitoring.

Person-to-person (P2P) payments or fund transfers are becoming more popular. Javelin Strategy & Research forecasts that 60 million American households will use P2P transfers by 2014. The most popular form of P2P transfers is PayPal but there are many other providers available. P2P payments allow customers to send money to each other by mobile device, from one bank account to another. Customers may also use the service to pay bills from businesses that accept P2P payments. The best P2P applications allow customers to transfer funds between accounts that are not held at the same financial institution.

Medical Records Software: A Solution To Maintain Patient Records In An Effective Way

Medical records software is a simple way of recording medical information in a very systematic way through the computer program. The medical records software helps in saving time by maintaining error free medical records in a health care institution. Some software are free, some have to be purchased to install and use in the system. With the help of this data management system, a medical personnel can easily retrieve any data and edit or use it as required.

This system replaces the traditional methods of maintaining information on paper.

Merits of using medical records software

There are countless reasons behind implementing data management software to maintain patient information in an effective manner.

  • Records patient’s related individualized information.
  • Improves treatment and helps in correct diagnosis
  • Records patient’s medical history in an organized manner
  • Accelerate decision making and treatment procedure in serious condition.
  • The medical institution can quickly transfer essential information about the patient from one department to the other by using medical records software
  • Saves space by recording information in a digital method.
  • Enhances patient treatment and consultation process. Thus, the clinic can easily offer better, quick and bulk services within a short time.
  • Improves clinic’s turnover by allowing effective handling of a number of patients in a short time.
  • Reduces errors while dealing with patient information.
  • Perfects patient safety measures.
  • Improves patient care.
  • Boost the ability of offering accurate medical billing in a short time.

Tips of selecting the most effective medical records software for your clinic

Things you should consider before investing in a medical records software

1. The software should be easy to understand. Not complicated. Your staff should be able to understand the technicalities after the initial training. A simple yet effective software will help in saving time in handling the record management system.

2. Ensure the software usage do not hamper the system of patient care. If the software takes too much time. The nurse will have very little time to attend the ailing soul. Remember, it is a hospital and your priority is offering health care facility. So select a software which records all information but can be handled quickly.

3. The system should help in accelerating the medical billing process. This is a tedious task of any health care institution. Managing and raising all bills manually is difficult and time taking. Hence, invest in a software which helps in raising mills electronically. Just take the printout and then take money for the treatment offered.

4. The software must have a very strong backup application to save the date if and when the system crashes.

5. It should be quickly installed on any computer.

6. It should suit your budget. Invest in an effective software within your budget.

The medical records software is an ultimate choice of the medical institutions as it helps in handling information in a convenient yet in a secured manner. So, invest in this paperless data management program and offer advanced health care facilities.

What Is Software Development?

Software development is one of the most sought after subjects at the moment, many companies need some kind of software to perform different aspects of their business. The competition amongst these companies is huge, with so many companies starting, as well as many students now studying software development in order to go into the profession.

But what actually is software development?

There are a number of uses for software, it doesn’t have to be for businesses, but can also be for personal use or for scientific projects.

Actually developing software means researching and designing new software as well as coding it so that it can be used by the target user.

Developing software applications is not just a process of having an idea or brief for a piece of software and then going ahead and developing it. In order to actually get the product to a customer takes an approach that goes into a lot of detail.

Finding a need

Firstly there will be a need for a piece of software. A business might want to make it’s operations easier or a scientific organisation could want it’s processes improved. Having a need will be the spark for starting the project.

Looking at other products out there, are the any already?

Before actually developing the software most companies will need to know if there is anything similar out there in the market already, and would it be a waste of time producing it because there might not be room in the market.


The new software needs to be planned so it is created to the exact specifications that are needed. If the software is being completed for a client, this needs to be presented to the client so they are happy with it.


Once the planning is completed, the coding needs to be done. This is where the developers use their programming skills to get the work done. It can vary in time scale depending on the size of the project.


A crucial phase of the project is testing the application to see if it is running as expected. Any problems need to be identified and fixed at this stage so that the application can be deployed.

Rolling out the software

Now the software can be deployed and is ready to be used for it’s purpose. This is really an ongoing process because bugs may still be found in the software and it will need to be continuously maintained so it stays in working order.

Software Development Company – What Are The Benefits Of Hiring One?

In the last few years, the software industry has really become quite popular. This is why selecting a decent software development company has become quite essential. Such a company helps you in developing custom made software which can be adopted by you to improve the functioning of your business. These kinds of companies are known to offer you a cost efficient solution in regard to software development. If you want to know more about the benefits of hiring a professional software development company then you can check out the below mentioned article carefully.

Some of the key benefits of hiring a software development company are given below. You need to go through the below mentioned points carefully.

Vast Resources
A firm dealing in preparing custom software has considerable amount of resources that help them execute effective and successful software development processes. Several companies hiring the services of such firms will always be on the winning side as they will have a complete access to a number of resources.

Exceptional Quality
Software firms have really spread worldwide like a wild fire. Well, only the fittest enterprise can survive in the tough competition. In order to attract more and more clients, the companies are now stressing upon offering exceptional quality services. Due to the presence of more and more companies in the market, the clients are able to get some good quality services. The rising standard of the market really allows the clients to enjoy some great benefits.

Pool of Technical Expertise
For delivering good quality software, based on the company’s innovative requirement, an expert team of employees back software firms. This team of developers and programmers has a considerable amount of experience and skills on several software technologies that permit them to craft custom software as per the company’s requirements and needs. The practical solutions offered by the company are really good in every sense.

In Time and Cost-Effective Solution
Software development is all about taking your business to a great new level through cost effective and in time solutions. Collaborating huge resources and a large pool of technical expertise, the company really offers you a complete package of software development that will help your firm grow. Any company can avail the benefits of web development by hiring a professional company at affordable rates.

Companies are always going to be in a beneficial position, by appointing the right services of custom program making business. They can possess a high quality solution at affordable rates without any difficulty. I hope this article will help you in generating some fine results on the go. With a little bit of expert guidance and knowledge one can easily avail the benefits of this service. It will definitely prove to be a great alternative for you.

A software development company which is an expert, experienced and affordable can definitely offer you some fine services on the go. You just have to appoint the right one by surfing the net. Once you do this, you will be able to generate some fine results on the go.